How To Compare Website Development Companies

Finding the right agency to design and develop your website can be difficult. After all, if you are not a web developer yourself, how are you supposed to know what makes one website developer better than another? These tips will help you compare, even if you don’t know your HTML from your HTTP.

5 questions to help you find the best web development company

1. Do they have good reviews?

This one is probably obvious. If a company does good work, they will have happy customers. When you are considering a website development agency, they will probably have some testimonials on their own website. Of course they will only put the best on their site. To make sure you are getting the whole picture, search the company’s name on Google and Facebook to see what people say there.

2. Do they present a courteous, knowledgeable and professional image?

Web design is a field that is both technical and artistic. It attracts a wide range of personalities. When you contact a web design company, do their emails and phone calls come across as courteous, knowledgeable and professional? You want your business to project those qualities. If a web agency doesn’t project those qualities itself, avoid them.

3. How good is their website?

This might seem obvious again, but follow these tips to make sure you’re seeing everything.

First, make sure you look at a website designer’s site on every device you can. These days, website visitors are going to view your site on all sizes of screens, from gigantic 4k monitors to tiny phones. A website has to look good and work great in windows of any size and shape. Does the menu get messy in a narrow window? Do things overlap the edge of the screen on mobile? If you don’t have access to multiple devices, at least look the site over with your browser window stretched and squashed in different sizes and shapes.

Second, even if you get all the information you were originally looking for on a web developer’s home page, make sure you dig deeper anyway. Look at other pages. Do they look consistent? Read the content on the site. Is it written clearly? Are there typos or grammatical errors?

4. Do all their projects look the same?

When you are looking through a portfolio, you want to see variety. Different businesses have different goals, different audiences and different messages. If all of a website design company’s projects look the same, yours will too. In today’s market, your website needs to stand out from the crowd. A web designer that only knows one way to build websites is like a chef that only knows one recipe. What are the chances that recipe is the best one for your business?

5. What do they use to build websites?

There are countless website-building tools today. Every developer has their preferred weapon-of-choice so to speak. You may not know the difference between React and SquareSpace, but that’s fine. The fact is, there is not one right answer to this question. The tool a website developer uses does not determine the quality of the site.

What you are really looking for by asking this question is a reason. A good website developer has a good reason for his or her choice of tools. This will show if someone really knows their craft.

Here’s our answer to the question:

At RoBros Design, we prefer to build websites with WordPress because it is a well-established open platform with an enormous catalog of plugins and endless customization. This means we can build sites that look any way we need them to and can do anything you want. Do you need online ordering for a restaurant? Appointment booking for a salon? A full-featured e-commerce shop to sell products or services? A membership based site with recurring billing and subscription services? WordPress can do that, and we’ve done it.

Whatever your business needs, there’s probably already a WordPress plugin that does it. If not, we build it from scratch.

Just using WordPress doesn’t guarantee a quality result. There are a lot of companies building WordPress websites from cookie-cutter templates. No matter what the tool, this question can help you determine whether or not you are dealing with a true expert web designer.

In Conclusion

The quality of your website is more important than ever. Use these tips to find the best website development company for your business. Or just skip all that and talk to us!

RoBros Design is a website development company based in Tulsa, OK. We can work with anyone in the world, but we primarily serve Northeastern Oklahoma including the Greater Tulsa and Muskogee areas, Southern Kansas including Coffeyville, Dearing and Independence, the Joplin Missouri area and Eastern Arkansas.

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