Professional vs. DIY Web Design

If quarantine haircuts have taught us anything, some things are best left to a professional. Sometimes what seems simple only looks that way because skilled craftsmanship often appears effortless. Ever tried to decorate a social-media-worthy cake? Web design is like that. You probably can build your own business website, but should you?

There are many services on the web offering tools to build your own website quickly and easily. To be fair, the tools available today do make building a nice-looking site quicker and easier than ever before. Nice-looking blocks and sections made with carefully selected colors, fonts and images snap together like little digital jigsaw pieces and — boom! Your business has a website! If that was all it took to succeed online everyone could! The catch is, style and presentation is only half of the professional web design recipe. Maybe less.

These do-it-yourself tools and services approach web design like an art project:

“What colors do you like?”

“What look and feel are you going for?”

That’s a great approach for something like interior design, but not web design. It’s all about the goals and the end-user. Designing a room in your home, you are the end-user the goal is your comfort. Designing a home page for your business, the end-users are your customers, potential customers and you, and the goal is to connect your customers to your business.

When we design websites, we are guided by questions like these:

“What does this business need to succeed?”

“How does that translate to an online strategy — website, email marketing, social media, etc…?”

“How will our client use this site?”

“How will our client’s customers use this site?”

No do-it-yourself website building tool can answer those questions for your business, but RoBros Design can.

Let’s build a website that will build your business.

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